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In short, rattan garden furniture is made out of a plant called rattan, which is native to various Asian, African and Australasian tropical areas. Today, Indonesia currently supplies and caterors most of the rattan all over the world. Rattan carries special traits whcih it brings to its furniture, like durability, flexibility whilst being light weight. Due to this, it can easily be transformed and made to provide many useful practical objects that can be used on a daily basis, including walking canes, furniture, baskets and other items of decoration. 

Aside from wooden furniture, furniture rattan can also give your home a unique and desirable look and feel. However, as with wood, rattan can also be treated and coated with various wood stains, paints and varnish which enables rattan furniture to be found in lots of different colors. Most of the time, though, due to desirablility and fashions it is mostly found in its original color, with a coat of clear varnish. Another great thing about rattan is that you won't have to worry too much about its maintenance. Here are several great tips on how to maintain your rattan furniture's quality and beauty with ease to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful furniture set.

1. Clean it well every year.

Make it a point to clean your rattan furniture every year. Get rid of any accumulated dirt on it in order to prevent any long-term damage. As rattan is a wood it is subjected to all the ageing factors that can be associated with even the very finest examples of wood, even if the rattan itself is in top condition any dirt that sits on the rattan may mould or otherwise deteriate causing the rattan to become marked. To clean for example do this, just use regular water to clean the furniture and get rid of any dirt with the use of a soft brush. Then, dry it out as soon as you can by airing it out outdoors. Just make sure your furniture pieces do not sit under direct sunlight during drying. If needed, you can also re-varnish your rattan furniture with lacquer or shellac to keep it safe from water and make it look brand new again.

2. Keep your rattan furniture out of the sun.

A lot of people use rattan furniture for indoor use, firstly due to its amazing look inside but also because they don't want it to lose its overall durability and coloring to sunlight and bad weather. So, if you really want to maintain your furniture's durability, you have to make it a point to keep it away from direct sunlight. Aside from that, you have to make sure that the humidity surrounding it is properly balanced at all times. If it is too humid, the material might become brittle and dry. Conversely, if it is too moist, mold might start to grow on it. All rattan for furniture is treated with varnish and treatment spays to anti-weather them, but further limiting its exposure to deteriorating elements is always recommended

3. Clean the surface on a regular basis.

Since furniture rattan usually comes with a lot of crevices, you might have a hard time cleaning it. Ideally, you should just use some mild detergent and water and use a soft cloth dipped in the solution to wipe away the stains and dirt on it. Keep in mind that you shouldn't get the cloth too wet, though, since you will have to get the surfaces clean without soaking the rattan too much. To get rid of any dust beforehand, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to make things easier for you.

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