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Everything That You Must Know About Teak Patio Furniture

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A patio is that area of the house which isn’t exactly inside your home, yet is mostly the widely used place with most of the members of the house. Be it for experiencing and enjoying the summer evening breeze, or unwinding after a tiring day, or just hanging out with the family, a patio is really a gift to the people who can pay for one. And with the idea of a patio, another thought that comes in mind is the furniture for the area. There are varieties of patio furniture. But teak patio furniture is the perfect choice. So, why should you acquire a teak patio furniture? Well, teak is the most obvious option for outdoor furniture.


Teak patio furniture provides a unique kind of style. It adds a grace to your house’s exterior. But most importantly, teak is more durable than any other wood. Previously, teak wood was a popular with the royal families. Cleaning it routinely isn’t needed. Teak wood, because of the oils in it, is safe from natural weathering and wood worms, more than the majority of the other woods. And teak features a wonderful modest sheen, which make it well-liked.

Teak patio furniture are available in various forms. You could create a complete dining space in the patio with dining tables, chairs,bar tables as well as bar stools. You can create a more living room atmosphere in the patio by choosing a coffee table, with benches as well as chairs. You could have a single teak chair or a luxury lounge chair. Variety is the other name with regards to teak patio furniture.

You can also select the hue of the furniture. You can have your teak furniture in it’s natural honey color or you can have it in a warm rich sparkling tone of brown. Again lots of people like their teak with the natural coating of patina. Because of being subjected for long hours under the sun, the teak turns a silvery gray tone. You can also refer to it as a patina coating. Many people like the patina as it’s the most convenient to maintain.


Bear in mind, oil from food and other food bothersome stains can leave marks on your teak furniture. To guard you furniture from any stains, utilize a teak clear coat, which is commercially available. And though teak has it’s natural oils to protect it from water, however it’s not recommended to let water accumulate near and around your furniture. Using oil varnish or water sealer coating isn’t needed. Let it glow in its own radiant color.

2 Factors You Must Know Before Buying Outdoor Teak Furniture

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Teak grown generally in India and Indonesia and is well known for its natural beauty, durability and strength. Teak trees could grow extremely tall to 150 feet and have rough, reddish green leaves. Teak wood also has rubber and silica that resist water, mold and mildew allowing you to leave teak furniture outdoors all year round. The trees sap has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components which make teak known for its resistance to illness and termites. It’s resilient to moisture due to the organic oils found in both heartwood and the semi heartwood. It is also not at risk of warping even though it isn’t regularly taken care of.

Because of the high cost associated with teak, you have to know and fully grasp 2 important important aspects regarding teak wood before you shell out your hard earned money on a piece of teak furniture.
Three Grades of Teak

True Grade “A” teak. This mature heartwood is famous for being dense, always without knots, firmly grained, and loaded with organic oils. This grade of teak accocunts for only 20% to 25% of a mature log which is a extremely small percentage of the timber making it rare, hard to come by and in popular. You’ll find this Grade of teak to be the most high-priced. When Grade A teak is new it possesses a vibrant golden honey brown color and when it grows older it will change to a handsome silvery gray patina color that many people love because of it’s organic state.

Grade “B” teak is the semi-mature outer heartwood, the hue is lighter and occasional streaks of black and a few small knots are acceptable for this grade which is why it is much more cost-effective when making use of it to produce outdoor furniture.

Grade “C” teak is known as sapwood and is the outer section of the tree. Sapwood is really soft, could easily be ruined and has huge almost white color varieties. Because of its lack of quality, without any protective oils, it’s highly inexpensive to buy and in many cases it’s just tossed out and not utilized at all due to it’s substandard quality.

Teak Furniture ~ Moisture Content Levels

Although Grade A teak is an excellent quality measure, it is not always the case. You could have Grade A teak with high moisture levels that is just as bad as Grade C.

Superior quality teak frequently undergo a drying method. This is extremely important. The smallest amount of amount of water in the wood, the better its quality. Bear in mind Teak wood needs to be dried to a maximum level of 12% yet, the recommended level of 8% is of the highest quality. When the wood used haven’t been dried to these levels, the teak furniture you have purchased will be worthless eventually since it will rot and crack.


What You Need To Find Out About Teak Wood Furniture

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Teak furniture must be first on your list if you want for a furniture that will add to the appeal of your indoor or outdoor decoration. Teak furniture is produced from the wood of the teak tree. It’s strong, sturdy, hard, and yellowish brown in appearance. It’s such a great building material that it effectively resists the attack of termites. Teak is used to make ships because it is resistant to rotting. Teak furniture is available in different categories. There is outdoor furniture, teak lawn, teak patio furniture and it is available in different models which are suitable for offices, lawns, gardens, homes etc.

Teak products for outdoor use needs routine maintenance for lasting in superior shape for a long period. There are different kinds of teak wood garden furniture which are high in demand. Some of the widely used kinds are garden benches, garden fences, Adirondack chairs etc. Though not at all times outside, patio furniture also needs to be made of fantastic material to last for a long time. Teak is the ideal choice for that, as it could last more than any other natural and artificial wood materials.

Teak wood furniture ages gracefully and it is one of its amazing features. As years pass on, teak furniture maintains its elegance and beauty. Teak furniture does not require any chemical treatment for maintaining its beauty or strength. They are not painted or treated with coloring materials. The color of this wood is honey brown. We just have to polish the surface to bring out the natural glow. This doesn’t undermine the necessity to care for them. Teak cleaner and teak guard can be applied on it once in 2 years as a maintenance project.


If you want to keep your teak furniture In fantastic shape in the course of its lifetime, then there are certain things that you have to do. Every 3 or 4 months, we can sand down the whole furniture, and apply teak oil on them. It is a conditioner material which will keep the strength of this furniture for a long period.

The utilization of teak oil does not interfere with the hue of the furniture. The hue of teak is honey brown when it is new and when it ages the color turns to a deeper hue to give a rich vintage like look. With the rise in demand for teak wood furniture, the prices have also increased. But there are choices for us to find a few shops and online vendors selling teak wood furniture at discounted prices.



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