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5 Reasons Why You’ll Like Using Rattan Furniture

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bermuda-rattan-garden-daybed_2_A number of manufacturers and merchants from different parts of the world claim that they’ve got the best variety of rattan furniture. Because the prices of wooden furniture are increasing today, rattan furniture is coming up with a superb choice for households, offices and hospitality industry. In this post, I have listed five great explanations why you would adore using Rattan Furniture.

Numerous years of Popularity: Rattan has long been a popular choice for home décor and now is gaining huge popularity in furniture sector too. Rattan does not only possess an exotic aesthetic and light in weight but is also known for its affordability and durability. It’s versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use – so here comes the explanation for its huge success in patio furniture sector.


Strength: Rattan furniture serves both form and function. Rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan beds not only look trendy but these are reasonably priced and long-lasting also. Rattan thrives naturally in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and also other South-east Asian nations. They are noted for being the most robust wood because of its strong core.


Different Uses: The amazing nature of rattan makes rattan furniture especially suitable for use in homes and rooms with an exotic or Asian style. It is widely liked by hospitality market and is often utilised as outdoor furniture for patios. Not just outdoors, rattan furniture is built for indoor use too. There are several agencies which offer stunning dining sets, living room furniture sets and even bedroom suites fabricated from rattan. Just about any type of furniture can be created from rattan, from tables and chairs to desks and bed frames to sofas and décor.


Long Lasting & Easy to Maintain: Here I am mentioning two points together as they go side by side. Since rattan is a natural material, furniture made out of it stands for a long period when maintained properly. In contrast to wood fu1501-01-300x300rniture, homeowners who obtain rattan furniture don’t need to consistently hydrate it with oil. Also, it possesses a feature which allows it to maintain its shape, colour and strength even after a long time. No unique chemicals and materials are needed to clean rattan – just wiping it with a moist cloth is all you should do. In contrast to metal lawn chairsand tables, rattan measures up well to all type of climatic conditions when kept underneath a patio.


Something more important that I would want to mention here is that sometimes people take rattan and wicker as similar terms. But in fact, they’re not! Rattan is a form of wood while wicker is a type of weaving which uses numerous supplies including cane or bamboo to cover pieces of furniture. There are many types of wicker weaving designs which can be woven over a rattan base. So, there are chances that you will find some wicker chairs or sofa sets when looking for rattan furniture. Very carefully look into the specifications and details that the manufacturer provides and then carry on with your choice.

2 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Outdoor Teak Furniture

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ha-b002-harvest-storage-bench_3Teak (Tectona grandis) is recognised for its beauty, strength and durability and is found to be grown mainly in India and Indonesia on large plantations. Teak trees can grow really tall to 150 feet and have rough, reddish green leaves. Teak wood also has rubber and silica that withstand water, mould and mildew allowing you to leave teak furniture outdoors all year round. The trees sap has organic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which make teak well known for its resistance to illness and termites. Organic oils found in both the heartwood and the semi heartwood, make it extremely resilient to moisture and will not rot for a long time with virtually no care whatsoever.

Due to the high price associated with teak, you need to know and fully grasp 2 important aspects with regards to teak wood before you spend your hard-earned money on a piece of teak furniture.
Three Grades of Teak

indexTrue Grade “A” teak is the mature heartwood. It is famous for being really dense, nearly free of knots, loaded with organic oils, and tightly grained. This grade of teak accounts for only 20% to 25% of a mature log which is an extremely tiny proportion of the timber which makes it rare, difficult to find and in popular. You will find this Grade of teak to be the most expensive. When Grade A teak is new it has a vibrant golden honey brown colour and as it gets older it will change to a good looking silvery grey patina colour that lots of people love because of it’s natural state.

Grade “B” teak is the semi-mature outer heartwood, the hue is light and occasional streaks of black and some small knots are suitable for this grade and that’s why it is a lot more affordable when utilising it to make outdoor furniture.

Grade “C” teak is known as sapwood and is the outer portion of the tree. Sapwood is extremely soft, could easily be ruined and has big nearly white colour variations. It is very cheap and in some cases, buyers end up throwing it without making use of it because of its inferior quality.


Teak Furniture ~ Moisture Content Levels

Teak-Lutyens-Memorial-Bench-165cm-03Although Grade A teak is a great measure of quality, it’s not always true. You might have Grade A teak with high moisture levels that’s just as bad as Grade C.

Good quality teak typically undergoes a drying process. This is extremely important. The smallest amount of amount of water in the wood, the better its quality. Keep in mind Teak wood needs to be dried to the highest level of 12% yet, the proposed level of 8% is of the very best quality. If the wood is not dried out to these levels, the gorgeous teak furniture you purchased, for what you thought will be a lifetime, will most likely warp, break and in time rendered useless.

Add a Touch of Style to Your Patio or Home with Indoor and Outdoor Teak Tables

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Teak is a resilient material and it is an awesome addition to your house or outdoor space. A teak table in any size or shape generates instant flexibility to entertaining, whether you’re holding a lavish evening dining experience or perhaps you would like to relax with a cup of tea.


Selecting the best type of garden furniture does require special thought, because it must be able to withstand prolonged exposure to all sorts of weather. Common materials like pine, cedar and mahogany are generally used to make outdoor furniture, but most of the time they’re not able to fully stand up from the passage of time. Teak wood is the most flexible and suitable selection for your outdoor setting as it’s not just a very alluring material but hold ups very well in all sorts of weather, giving it a sustainability that surpasses other woods.

Teak is great for chairs, tables, and deck and garden furniture due to its exceptional components. The ability to resist rot is among the main advantages of teak. Utilized for several years in the development of sailing vessels, teak does not decay when repeatedly exposed to water, and won’t warp or crack due to extended exposure to the sun. Well known for its golden shade, teak will gradually lose color as time passes to a silvery tone without losing its opulent texture or durability.


Searching for high-quality teak furniture locally can sometimes present a difficulty, with selections becoming thin during certain seasons, yet a wide variety of teak furniture is always available online. Buying online comes with a variety of choices all year round which are guaranteed to fit any need, with the added benefit of shopping whenever you want. Inexpensive and convenient shipping also means that you will never even need to leave the house. You can pick from top quality teak garden furniture like dining tables, coffee tables, patio tables, as well as end tables.

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, the right teak table can always be found. For more intimate outdoor areas a tiny round table might be ideal, or a square table which seats four is what you need. If you’re entertaining runs more too big family parties a large teak table that will adequately seat eight is a better option, and if you increase that gathering to include friends, why don’t you buy a teak table that could be extended to seat twelve. If you have a small garden, the best choice is a low teak coffee table or compact teak folding table.

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